After being thrust into ministry as an eighteen-year-old teenager, a calling from which he so desperately tried to run and hide; Apostle Designate Keith R. Jackson Sr. could no longer evade the vocation of his purpose for which GOD had predestined for him to walk therein. 

His ministry began when he accepted JESUS CHRIST as his personal LORD and SAVIOR in May 1984. He was baptized at Galilee Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, under the leadership of Pastor John King. Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. later relocated from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia. It was during this relocation in February of 2014 that he rededicated his life to CHRIST under the leadership of Pastor James T. Murkinson, Pastor of the Voices of Faith South in Hampton, Georgia. He served as a dependable and faithfully dedicated member from February 2013 to November 2017, under the tutelage and leadership of Pastor James T. Murkinson.  

Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. embarked on his journey and mission to carry out the call of GOD and to preach HIS Word. During this season of servanthood under Pastor James T. Murkinson, some of his ministerial duties included but were not limited to the following: 

  • Parking Lot Ministry (March 2014)
  • Director of Men’s Ministry B2.I.G (Brothers Believing in God) – serving in this role for three years
  • Installed as Deacon (September 2014)
  • Armor Bearer to Pastor James T. Murkinson.

Subsequently, after having been Ordained and Licensed as a Pastor on December 11, 2016.  Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. has no regrets in his decision to finalize and solidify his Yes to GOD and the call to preach HIS Word which transpired in May of 2016. Currently, in his role as Pastor of the Upon This Rock Faith Ministry in Riverdale, Georgia, Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. recounts the details of his life and his ministerial journey. He likens this rite of passage to that of Jonah’s voyage. He too, like Jonah, was commissioned to comply with direct orders from GOD. Instead, he sought alternatives to subjecting to His commands. In pressing

forward, determined and motivated to fulfill the plan and purpose that GOD has for his life, Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. is reminded of and compares himself to Peter in Matthew 16:18. And how JESUS affirmed and established HIS Church from one man’s vision, insight and persistent commitment to believing in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

He attributes much of his success and sustainability to his loving wife Mia J. Jackson whom he has been married to since April of 1988. And his two sons and grandson. The family has and will always be paramount to the myriad of responsibilities and duties accompanying his leadership role in both his church and at home. Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. is familiar with hard work and dedication. He served as Director of operations for Gate Gourmet. A company that specializes in airline catering. He was employed with the company from September of 1988 until November 2019.  During his tenure, he received awards with the following recognitions: Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year (1996). 

Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. serves as Regional Gulf Coast Prelate serving the states of Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Florida within Higher Calling International Fellowship of Churches, Chief Apostle Jermaine Johnson Sr. In addition, on June 11, 2022, he was appointed as the Second Prelate of Higher Calling International Fellowship of Churches.  Later, in the year of our LORD 2022, He was elevated to the appointed position of First Prelate. Within Higher Calling International Fellowship of Churches, he served on several committees. The Presidium Board, Advisory Review Board, and Leadership Conference Director. 

In April 2023 the assignment with Higher Calling International Fellowship of Churches ended. It was due to another calling that GOD has called Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. to do. 

In January 2023 he found interest in enhancing his involvement with the community as a servant of C.A.P. Civil Air Patrol. An auxiliary of The United States Air Force. Within the organization, he works closely with the development of the youth and serves in the chaplaincy department. Due to the training requirements, he has accomplished within the Civil Air Patrol as an auxiliary of The United States Air Force. He currently holds the officer rank as a Second Lieutenant.

Now content in his faith, his calling, and his election into the LORD’s Church and in the Body of CHRIST, Apostle Keith R. Jackson Sr. is fully persuaded and forever encouraged, believing that his safe place will forever be in the Will of GOD. He is confident that it is there where he will be provided with all of the best that GOD has to offer. Not only to him but to those who dare to trust in GOD’s Process and know that without a shadow of a doubt, GOD will always have your best interest at heart!

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